Monday, November 9, 2009

Crying it out, part deux

So, we have completed nights 2 and 3 of "crying it out". Night #2 went a lot better than night #1; Peyton cried for 20 minutes straight and then fell back asleep. He cried on and off for the next hour or so, but he was able to soothe himself back to sleep pretty quickly.

Night #3 was even more successful! He cried for about 10 minutes at midnight and then fell back asleep. He woke up a couple of times after that but fell back asleep pretty quickly. He woke up at 5:30 to eat and then slept until 8:30!

I'm hoping tonight will be even better (maybe he'll sleep through without waking up at all!) We're looking forward to Thanksgiving (my parents and Casey's dad and brother will be here!) and then Christmas in Salida! Peyton will be 6 months in less than a month and will be getting vaccines again! I'll have to decide whether to get him the flu vaccine and H1N1 vaccine (that would be 5 vaccines in one visit though!!!)

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