Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

....need to take more pictures.

I have been pretty lax about taking pictures of the kiddos lately.  We have been trying to transition Finley to his crib for a week and a half now and it is not going well.  I am sleeping in his nursery on an air mattress just so I can be close in case he starts choking.  Crazy little man gets himself so worked up that he starts gagging and choking, so I feel like I always have to be on high alert!  So far, we have ditched the swaddle but he just doesn't enjoy sleeping in his crib.  He wakes up every 2 hours or so and it takes a little while to get him back to sleep.  I haven't slept in a very long time.....


Peyton watching them do construction on a new house next door... TA1C9040

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finley at 3 months...

We have begun the long journey of transitioning Finley to his crib in his own room.  He still takes little naps in his swing, but I started putting him in his crib at night on Sunday.  The first night went really well, he slept from about 11pm to 5am.  Since then, it has all gone downhill!  He is definitely having trouble getting himself back to sleep without the rocking motion of his swing. 



..he isn't naked in his bumbo, his fat rolls just swallowed his diaper.





and for giggles, Finley at one week on the left and 3 months on the right.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Photos I forgot to upload!

Here are some images that I forgot to put up here....









Friday, August 3, 2012

Who has time to blog?

As usual, my poor little blog gets neglected!  I feel like I barely have time to put my thoughts down in blog form, so I'll try to spill some of them out here!

Summer has gone by incredibly fast and I can hardly believe that my little baby will be 3 months old next week!  Parenting is such a bittersweet job.  I love watching Finley grow but it hurts to know that he won't be a baby for much longer.  I can hardly believe that Peyton is 3......

Peyton continues to crack us up (constantly), but he also hit a pretty difficult phase!  He is constantly trying to challenge us to see what he can get away with.  His whining has hit an all time high (or low, rather) and he seems to shed tears very easily!  He is definitely a sensitive little boy!!

The other day, Peyton told us not to put the pacifier in Finley's mouth because "he likes to watch Finley cry."  Uh oh!!!  Here are some other goofy things he has said/done lately: (copied from my Facebook page!)

  • While shopping in TJ Maxx, Peyton asked me if he could ask a lady if she wanted to see his penis. 
  • Just gave Peyton a scoop of Nutella (his first!) and he licked his lips and said "Mmmmmm....jealous."
  • Yesterday, Peyton took the dollar bills I had pulled out for the toll booth and stuffed them in his pants. I guess he has chosen his future career path ;)
I'm sure there are many other things I can't think of!

We've been treated to a steady stream of guests this summer - it will be strange in the Fall when we no longer have people drifting in and out!!