Monday, November 2, 2009

5 months old!

Peyton is 5 months old today! Usually this is where I wish that time would slow down a bit, but we've been having a rough couple of days so I'm not going to wish that right now (or at least I wish we could freeze time when he's behaving!). P is teething right now (lower front right tooth), so he's been acting out quite a bit. Apparently teething turns my sweet little guy into a violent little bully! Whereas he usually reaches out his hands to softly touch your face, he's now taken to jabbing tiny little fingers into our eyeballs and other vulnerable places (he's landed a few fingers up my nose - how nice.)

Yesterday was a particularly rough day that started with a BAD night! Peyton was waking up pretty much every two hours and would only fall asleep after being held for a little while (I recounted this story to my mother yesterday and she laughed and laughed. Yeah, it's funny when it isn't you running on zero sleep). Peyton usually takes about 3 hours in naps throughout the day but decided that 30 minutes would suffice yesterday. Boy, did this make him even more cranky!!! I put him in his swing to calm him down, but this apparently just angered the beast. He started smacking the little animals violently and even shook the bar that goes over the swing. Casey swears that Peyton was giving him the "death stare".

Yesterday afternoon, I went to shoot some engagement photos for some friends (I'll post a link to them when I'm done editing), so I left the little guy home with Casey. I'm not sure whom I should feel more sorry for - Peyton who apparently is not taking this whole teething too well, or Casey, who looked extremely frazzled when I returned home.

Last night was better though, he only woke up once (although he did take a long time to fall asleep in the first place) and he slept until 8 am. Despite his crazy mood swings, we've all been doing really well. Peyton has become an absolute champ when it comes to rolling (still favors rolling from back to tummy over the opposite way) and still loves his jumperoo.

He's still eating baby food like a champ. We've now gotten through sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, bananas, squash, peas (not a favorite), and peaches. Next up we have prunes (yikes!) and green beans. He's even able to sit up by himself for very short periods of time (we're talking 30 second or less - and it usually ends in a face-plant on the floor). Peyton is becoming more and more aware of the dogs and loves to pet/pull on the dogs whenever they come by.

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving when Grandpa Harris, Uncle Josh, and Grandma and Grandpa Higgs will be here. After that, we have Christmas in Salida to look forward to!

I'll post his "5 month" portraits later along with some other recent photos....

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