Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just some pics...

No progress on the potty training front. We are still letting him set the pace and lately he's regressed - he wants to be rewarded for sitting on the potty fully clothed again!

These pics are about a week old but still cute! I was checking my email and when I went to look for Peanut, I found him on our bathroom counter. Little bugger had figured out how to use the drawers as a ladder....

(don't worry - he didn't get any Clorox wipes out)



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making cookies.....

Peyton helped me make cookies the other day. He is pretty good at pouring and mixing....although the cookies did not turn out great. Hmmm....

We are still trying to conquer potty training and he is still obsessed with his penis (and asking whether certain people have penises).




Friday, January 20, 2012

Potty training and the art of bribery....

We "started" potty training this past Sunday and let me tell you, it is a blast (sarcasm!). We are definitely taking it slow at this point and letting Peyton guide the process (so we don't frustrate him....). On Sunday, we got him to start sitting on the potty.....fully clothed. Peyton requires one skittle just to sit on the potty with his clothes on.

We did a few days of sitting on the potty fully clothed and then today we progressed to sitting on the potty with his pants down (but still diapered). He requires 2 skittles to do this. At this rate, he will pee on the potty when he is 14.

Time for some photos (had to bribe him with skittles just to take pictures of him!)







Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas MEGA-POST!!!! The post to end all other posts!

Alright, clearly blogging hasn't been a priority for me lately so I'll just go ahead and dump the past month or so into one blog post! Pop some popcorn and sit down for a while....

December started off with finding out that our next little one is a BOY (see previous post) and we have decided to name the little guy "Finley Sawyer". We did the Quad Screen test at the OBGYN and everything came back normal, so that's a relief. We have started prepping the nursery for his arrival (I like to get things done EARLY!), so I am currently blogging from my new "office" (our bedroom). My desk actually fits pretty well in our bedroom and goes along with the decor...

We spent Christmas in Salida, Colorado with my side of the family and the drive out there was.....eventful. About 2 hours into the trip, Peyton started mumbling some nonsensical mumbo-jumbo and then all of a sudden he leaned forward and projectile vomited his breakfast all over the car. Yikes! I unbuckled the chest strap on his car seat while we were still in motion and leaned him forward so he wouldn't aspirate any vomit. We quickly pulled into a Wal-Mart and went in to clean him off. Peyton was mostly concerned about the state of his "MeMe" (which he had vomited on). We got him cleaned up and bought some PediaLight and then got back into the car. At this point, we were hoping it was just a one-time thing. Fast forward about an hour and the little guy vomits again!! We stopped for lunch about an hour after that and tried to coax some liquids and food into him (but no such luck....I think he ate a couple french fries). He was in much better spirits and was dancing around in the booth at lunch when all of a sudden his cheeks got super red and he threw up AGAIN!!! That pretty much fast-tracked the end of my lunch as I was cleaning up vomit all over the seat. I motioned to Casey (who was outside changing his shirt from the first vomit incident) and we pretty much knew it was a stomach virus from that point on! We drove about 4 more hours and then stopped for the day in Kansas so that Peyton could recuperate in the hotel. I think he vomited about 4 more times or so in the hotel. It sucks to see your baby in such misery!! Luckily, the hotel had a washer & dryer so I was able to wash all of our clothes, Peyton's "Me-Me's" and his carseat cover.

Peyton slept alright and the next day of driving was uneventful. We got into Salida at about 3 PM and relaxed until my parents and my brother & his family arrived. The boys snowboarded on Monday and the girls puttered around town with the kiddos. Everything was fine and dandy until all of the adults started coming down with the stomach virus Tuesday night! There were 4 of us sick and only 2 bathrooms. It was pretty interesting. I got the worst of it and was throwing up for about 14 hours. It. Was. Awful. I already had trouble putting on weight with this pregnancy and this sickness certainly didn't help! The dehydration also seemed to trigger some pretty awful Braxton-Hicks contractions for me which have since settled down.

Carson and his family left on Wednesday morning (with Carson still throwing up on the drive to the airport as well as in the airport and plane!). I think we mostly hung around town and the boys went snowboarding one more time. Christmas was fun - it was the first year that Peyton really understood the whole "presents" thing, so he was pretty psyched to open up all of his new toys. He also got bedding for his new big boy bed - which he promptly threw to the side. Not so exciting for a 2 year old, I guess. We had my cousin and his family over for Christmas dinner and Peyton had a blast playing with his 3 cousins (whom he refers to as Jack, Banana and Wally).

The day after Christmas was probably Peyton's favorite! We booked tickets in the dining car on the Christmas Express train! Anyone who knows Peyton knows that he is OBSESSED with all things related to trains. He had such an awesome time eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols and seeing Santa Claus! The train rode by the "North Pole" and Santa boarded the train. Santa went through each car, talked to all of the kids and gave them a special bell to keep. Peyton could barely contain himself. He talked about the "big train" for days afterwards!

The rest of the trip was pretty low-key. We mostly just hung out after my dad left early. We spent our anniversary in Colorado Springs and ate at a Thai restaurant and saw "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Peyton got to eat on an airplane attached to a restaurant and couldn't stop talking about that either! We made the drive home in one day (we just wanted to be home!).

Since we've been home, we have been working on the nursery a ton! We ordered all of the furniture so the nursery should be done this month! I will take pictures when my camera gets returned to me at the end of this week.






Christmas morning:



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