Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cry it out...

So, last night Casey and I decided to let Peyton "cry it out" during the night. The pediatrician said that he should be sleeping through the night by 6 months, so we thought we should start phasing out his nighttime feeding.

The little guy had been kind of cranky lately and was waking up pretty frequently during the night (holding him did little to quell his fussing), so we figured we might as well give it a try. We've been told that it typically takes 3 nights for the cry it out method to work, with each night getting progressively better. Night #1 was kind of a nightmare! Peanut woke up at 11 and I went ahead and fed him. Casey had just gotten home from his conference in Philly (Criminology Conference), so Peyton decided he wanted to stay up and hang out with his daddy. I went off to bed and left Peanut downstairs with Casey. Casey said that he put Peyton to bed at around 12:30 (yikes!). Peyton woke up at 2 and I went in to try to rock him back to sleep but nothing I did comforted him. We put him down in the crib and went back to bed. He cried as soon as I put him down and then continued to cry for the next 2 hours!! It was pure torture for all of us. I felt awful letting him cry but I knew that if we didn't cut that nighttime feeding out, we'd never get a full night of sleep EVER!

Tonight is night #2 of cry it out. Pray that it goes better!!!

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