Friday, May 29, 2009

40 weeks, 6 days....

So, tomorrow I will be a week past my due date.......cripes.  I have to say that being *this* pregnant is MISERABLE!  It is uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time, lay on one side of my body for more than an hour and don't even get me started on walking long distances!  I feel like a prisoner in my own stupid, fat body!  

I had another Dr.'s appt today (my second this week) and they scheduled an induction for Wednesday (even though our original plan was Monday or Tuesday).  Unfortunately, the Dr. that is in delivery that day is my least favorite of the 12 doctors at the practice.  Let's just say he reminds me a little of Dr. Cox from "Scrubs".   Anywho, Peyton still has 4 days to come on his own so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!   I haven't met the doctor that is on-call this weekend but I quite like the doctor that is on-call for Mon/Tues.  

I'm tired of waiting to meet my son!  This kiddo needs to hurry up....

((I did manage to sit through a movie today - "Up".  I highly recommend it!))

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


With my new abundance of free time, my favorite thing to do is enter give-aways for baby stuff.  Hehehe.  I just found a great site that is constantly giving away really great baby things!!  Here's what I have my eye on now:

That is a hot looking stroller!!

38 week check-up

So we just got back from my weekly Dr.'s appointment and there are still no changes!  Ack!  The little dude is head-down but I'm not showing any signs of being close to labor.  Boooooo.....I was hoping the little guy would be here sooner than later.  I'm 39 weeks on Friday and the Dr.'s will only let me go to 41.5 weeks so he should be here anytime between now and about 3 weeks from now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey Mac users....

Casey and I set up iChat accounts today so all of you Mac users can add us to your buddy lists!  Now all of you that can't make it up here in person can see Peyton via iChat!  My AIM screenname is lbharris09.

If you don't have a Mac.....well, that's just sad (just kidding!)