Friday, April 30, 2010

Our week.

We have big plans coming up this weekend, so let's hope that P stays healthy and happy. Tonight we're attending a BBQ at Pete and Amber's house to celebrate their upcoming wedding (on Sunday!) and then tomorrow is the rehearsal for the wedding. P is the ring bearer in their wedding, so we'll be seeing whether he can behave long enough to participate! We've borrowed a wagon from a friend for P to ride in. The flower girl is going to pull P-Diddy down the aisle in the wagon with a sign on front that says "Here comes the bride" and a sign on back saying "Just Married". Sunday is the wedding - there is going to be an inflatable bouncy castle and a candy bar. Wahoo! I know where I'll be camped out during the entire reception!

Yesterday, I took P to Barnes and Noble for storytime after my hair appointment. He sat in my lap (and seemed to be listening) during the first story but as soon as she paused to start a new story, he went crazy and started running around. He played with the train table for a while and then repeatedly tried to climb up on the stage while she was reading. He entertained a lot of the moms with his "butt-in-the-air" crawl and then ran around in between the book stacks.

We took him to the duck pond last night but he didn't really seem to care about the ducks. Oh well.







Flower! The tulips are all starting to wilt : (


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