Friday, February 26, 2010

Traveling Wrap-Up

We made it to Texas safe and sound! Huzzah! Here's a rundown of how our travels went:

Our flight from State College to Philly was delayed for an hour AFTER we boarded. fun being stuck on a plane an extra hour! We missed our connection in Philly because of the delay so we had to be re-booked on a later flight. During our 4 hour layover, Peyton charmed and befriended a large group of travelers (hi Carly!). He behaved perfectly and was crawling up to strangers and pulling up on their legs (he also tried to steal a woman's bracelet and a man's watch - infant crime is on the rise, watch out!).

The flight to Houston went pretty well. Peyton befriended a 9 month old in front of us and all was well until the little guy screamed at Peyton; he recovered pretty quickly though. The only incident we experienced was the ill effects of the medication he's taking for his ear infections. He had an amazing diaper blow-out halfway through the flight. He had diarrhea that leaked through his onesie, pants, a blanket and onto my jeans. Pleasant. I had quite the experience trying to clean him up and change his clothes in the airplane bathroom.

Anywho, we made it to Houston alive (obviously - I don't think the afterlife has great wireless internet, so I'm probably not blogging from there).

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