Friday, February 5, 2010

Some stories from this past week...

I have quite a few stories from this week - we'll go ahead and start chronologically with Monday. On Monday I went to Kohl's to look at some pillows to go with our new bedding. While I was there, I found a cute blouse to try on so I headed into the dressing room with Peyton. I sat Peyton on the floor in front of the mirrors (he likes to look at himself - so vain!). They have faux wood flooring in the dressing rooms (I think it is their attempt to "class" it up) so when Peyton tried to stand up to attack his enemy in the mirror, he slipped and busted his face on the ground. I thought he was fine (didn't really cry) but when I picked him up I noticed blood on the floor! He started fussing a bit so I held him for a little while and he calmed down - turns out he had cut his gums on his bottom teeth. We've now soiled two dressing rooms.....

On Wednesday, Peyton got his first bruise! I was in the downstairs bathroom getting ready for the morning and P crawled in to see what I was doing. He is pretty good at pulling up on everything now, so he decided to give the toilet a try. He pulled up successfully and then decided to practice sitting down from the standing up position (it's funny, he really does practice these things. He'll stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, etc.) There is a basket that sits up against the wall across from the toilet - so when he tried to plop down onto the ground, his butt hit the edge of the basket and his head tipped forward and smacked the toilet. Ooops. He's fine - he just has a little bruise underneath his left eye. I'll try to get a picture of it today.

The last story comes courtesy of the childcare room at the YMCA. Yesterday was Peyton's last swim class and I typically put him in childcare beforehand so I can sneak in a workout. He didn't cry when I left (success) so I went ahead and worked out. When I got back, he was sitting in one of the girl's laps. As I went to pick him up, the girl informed me that my little Peyton was quite the little bully (is that even possible at 8 months??). She laughed as she informed me that Peyton had been smacking another little baby girl in the head when she tried to crawl up into the lap that he was already sitting in. Supposedly the little girl didn't cry, so I guess all is well - but how do you teach an 8 month old not to hit? I'm not even sure he understands 1% of what I say to him!

Let's hope we can get through this weekend without any more injuries or bullying incidents!











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