Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

I took Peyton to the Dr. today to get him checked out before we leave for Texas tomorrow. He was SUPER cranky and agitated yesterday as well as this morning, so I called in for a "sick" appointment. He had also been shaking his head intermittently and his balance was a little...."off". The office set me up with an appointment for 2:30 (I *love* that they reserve some time in the day for people to make appointments the day of). We went to the indoor playground, which went pretty well. He played in his favorite horse, rode in the wagon and went down a small slide a couple of times.

We got to the appointment early and got taken back to the exam room right at our scheduled time. We then waited for 30 minutes to see the Dr. 30 minutes!!! I know that they get busy during the day and it is hard for them to stay on schedule, but 30 minutes is a loooong time to sit in a hot exam room with a cranky, naked baby. The Dr. finally came in and did the exam. She was super nice and very attentive. She told me that my poor little guy had an ear infection in both ears as well as a pretty severe flare-up of his eczema. I also discovered that he is getting two more teeth in addition to the top front two that are still coming in. Peyton will have 6 teeth soon!! The Dr. went to write the prescriptions (which took almost 20 more minutes!) and then sent me off to the apothecary in the same building. I waited 30 more minutes for my prescription to be filled. When the pharmacist handed me the prescriptions, she informed me that the Rx for the ear infections had to be refrigerated. Ack! How do you refrigerate prescriptions when you are traveling by plane for 6 hours?!? We'll have to see how that goes tomorrow.....

Anywho, I'm all packed up for tomorrow. I'm not thrilled about traveling with a teething, snotty, itchy 9 month old with ear infections. Oh yeah......the Rx will also give him diarrhea. Awesome.

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