Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 Months!

I can't believe 6 months have come and gone already. It's amazing to watch him grow and discover new things but it is definitely bittersweet at the same time. I miss the days when Peyton used to fall asleep on my chest or fit snugly into my arms. He is such a big boy now! I miss the face he made when he would stretch after waking up from a nap or nursing. I miss him discovering his hands while nursing and getting super excited and distracted (it was really funny). I miss lots of stupid little things.....

While there are tons of things I miss, there are also tons of new exciting things happening all the time! Here are some recent milestones:

-Sitting up by himself! He's been doing this since about 5 months but he's a champ now!
-Sleeping on his tummy. He rolls onto his tummy as soon as you put him in the crib.
-Eating Gerber Step 2 foods! Long gone are the days of one-flavored food! He now gets to eat things like banana pudding, strawberry/blueberry oats, spring veggies with brown rice. The flavors sound exciting but they look like canned dog food.
-Starting to learn how to use a sippy cup. We haven't fully mastered this yet, but we're getting there.
-2 teeth! He now has both of his bottom front teeth. Teething has been pretty rough but even at his worst he's still pretty even-tempered.

He isn't crawling yet, but I think he will be soon! He's gotten really good at pushing up on his arms and arching his butt up - he just can't seem to coordinate all of the movements yet.

And now for what people come here for - PHOTOS!





He wasn't really into getting his photos taken today, so I'll try again tomorrow!

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