Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Bath!

Peyton had his first bath in his baby bathtub on Sunday (pictures to come later) and he did really well (a lot better than I did!). He cried a little when I first put him in the water, so I wimped out and pulled him out of the water. I then proceeded to make Casey put him in the water so that he would be the one causing him distress instead of me (clever, right?). He surprised me though and ended up really enjoying his bath.

Yesterday, we gave him another bath before his Uncle Carson got here. He seemed to enjoy the bath a lot....he was very relaxed, perhaps a bit too relaxed. We lowered him onto the little "hammock" in the bathtub and started to get him all washed up when he started peeing into the water. Nice. Pee is sterile though, so we continued to wash him. We got to the end of the bath without any mishaps when he decided to let out a little fart (or what I thought was a fart). I looked over on the hammock and what did I see - a nice pile of floating poo. Dangit.

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