Thursday, April 5, 2012

Playing catch-up (again)

Well, I continue to neglect this blog. Whoops. I'm about a month away from my due date/C-section and I just feel like I can't keep up with everything! The nursery is all finished, we have an application into a "mother's day out program" for Peyton (we won't hear back until mid-May!), and we are soaking up this warm weather. Peyton continues to ride his bike everyday (he is awesome at it!) and has started asking for a bike with "two pedals". He told us he would give his orange bike to Finley when he gets his new bike. Sweet boy.

He peed on the potty for the first time last Thursday (March 29th) but we haven't made any progress on the potty training front since then. He continues to only have a mild interest in the whole potty training gig and typically only uses it as a stalling tactic before naptime or bedtime.

We have two Easter egg hunts to attend this weekend, so I'll be sure to take pictures at both! Our neighbor, Gina, bought some baby chicks on Monday and we've been playing with them almost every day. They are super cute but are getting faster and faster every day! Peyton named his baby chick "Angry Bird". We asked him today who he wanted to invite to his birthday party and he said "Maddox, Bentley, Kayla, Gina, Daddy, the baby chicks and my water". So, if you don't get an invite, you've been bumped so that we have enough space for some baby chicks and his sippy cup full of water.

I think Peyton is starting to understand this whole Finley thing more (although, he still refers to Finley as a "her" or "she"). He loves singing to my belly (and loves when it makes Finley move) and has also taken to licking my belly.....odd.







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