Friday, June 11, 2010

NYC recap...

Ok - here's the recap for our NYC trip (there's not too much to tell). We left for NYC on Saturday morning at about 10 AM and drove to Newark, NJ where we parked the car and took the train into Manhattan. The train was super-crowded so we had to stand between the cars (not so fun). It took us a while to find our hotel (in 90+ heat) so when we got there, we collapsed and spent the rest of the evening in the hotel room.

On Sunday, we met my friend Charmie and her fiance', Brian, for breakfast and then walked to Grand Central Station with them. Charmie and I walked around a bit afterwards while my mom took Peyton back to the hotel for a nap. Later, we went to the Children's Museum for Peyton to play. He played for about an hour and a half in the toddler's section and then we headed back to the hotel for another nap after we ate a late lunch/early dinner.

On Monday, we walked to Central Park so that Peyton could run around (starting to see a theme here?). We went to one of the playgrounds in the park and while we there a kid cracked his head open while playing in an area he wasn't supposed to be in. Everyone whipped out their cell phones to call 911 but the mom declined treatment for her son. It was quite the sight. We walked around and did a little bit of shopping later (H&M and Anthropologie!) while Peyton slept in his stroller. We then headed back to the hotel for a short rest (20 minutes!) before heading to the South Street Seaport to meet Charmie and Brian for dinner. This is where the fun starts! We were told that the subway would be the quickest option because it was rush hour (and a taxi would end up costing between $30 and $50). We got directions and headed to Grand Central for the subway down to the seaport, only to realize this was going to be more difficult than we thought! We had Peyton's big stroller with us, so going through a turnstyle wasn't an option. We had to get someone to open the big door for us and then try to shuffle through very quickly with all of our junk. We found our train but had to search around for elevators to get down to it. When we finally got on it was super crowded! My mom got a seat with Peyton and I had to stand up and hold onto a bar while holding onto the folded stroller. Anywho, we got there in one piece (although I got a migraine from all of the stress) and had a nice dinner with Charmie and Brian (we put Peyton's DVD player on the table to keep him happy).

We decided to leave a day early because we realized that we just weren't enjoying ourselves as much as we thought we would. We spent so much of our time trying to keep Peyton happy that we didn't go to any museums or do anything we wanted to. Lesson learned.

View from our hotel room.

Central Park.



Asleep in his stroller.

Snacking in Starbucks.


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