Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthdays, NYC and moving!

The past week and change have been absolute madness. Madness! It all started with our move last Tuesday. We weren't able to get into our new house until 6 PM (landlords were painting/cleaning/etc), so we picked up the U-Haul at 3 and started loading it. If you have never been to our old house, you'll need to know that the staircase is ridiculously small and twists at a 90* angle halfway through. Needless to say, it was insane trying to get some of our larger pieces of furniture down the stairs. I honestly thought one of us was going to be seriously injured during the process. Anywho, we moved in over the course of a few days (it was HOT!) and we are finally unpacked.

Peyton's first birthday was on Wednesday so we threw a little party for him with a few friends in attendance (his buddy Miles was the only other kid in attendance). We had a good time BBQing and playing bocce ball, but Peyton didn't smash his cake! Boooo!

On Saturday, my mother, Peyton and I trekked off to NYC for a few days. We drove to Newark, NJ and then took the train into NYC. The drive went off without a hitch (thanks to Peyton's new portable DVD player and a nice nap) but the train ride was certainly interesting. The train into NYC was super-packed so we had to stand between the cars with all of our luggage and the stroller. We had to shuffle around every time we stopped at a station so that people could load/unload. We arrived in NYC after a 20 minute train ride and then decided to walk to our hotel (the Beekman Tower Hotel) b/c we weren't sure whether taxis would require a car seat. We had left the address of the hotel in our car, so we went off on memory (b/c my iPhone wasn't charged - of course!). We walked from Penn Station to 41st and 1st but the hotel wasn't there!! We walked around for a while and then stopped in at another hotel to get the correct address (49th and 1st) and then walked to the correct area. It was really, really, really HOT (which is saying a lot since I'm from Texas!). I think we walked a total of an hour and a half with all of our luggage and the stroller in tow.

I'll leave you with some photos and I'll write more about NYC in my next post when I upload the photos from NYC.

Memorial Day Festival in Boalsburg.



Eating some hamburger at his B-day party!

Stuff it in there!


Trying to get him to smash the cake.


"I don't wanna!"

Spongebob cake!


Playing with his tunnel.

Wagon ride!




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