Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our day at Target (or why you should never change a diaper in a fitting room)

We had quite the adventure at Target today! I went to find a bathing suit to wear for Peyton's swimming classes (that's right, I signed a 7 month old up for swimming classes) and predictably, there isn't a huge selection of swimwear in January. I grabbed a few pieces and headed to the dressing room (nothing more depressing than trying on a bathing suit 7 months after you've had a baby....unless you're Heidi Klum). While walking to the dressing room, I heard some rumbling coming from Peyton's diaper. P has had some intestinal issues lately (he has only been pooping once a week or so), so we've had to use a glycerin suppository twice (the last one was about a week ago). I took him and my 6 items into the dressing room (goodness are they strict about that!) and started trying on some of the bathing suits.

Here's where the fun starts. I assumed that Peyton had been farting the whole time but the stench began to increase exponentially. I thought it would just be easiest to change his diaper in the dressing room so I started to strip him down. I opened up his diaper and all I saw was a green liquid - easy enough. I grabbed a diaper and pulled the dirty one out from under him and he all of a sudden started pooping....a lot! As I'm struggling to contain the mess, he begins to pee. It is all-out defecation warfare!! I felt bad for the little guy because you could tell he was straining a lot (his poor little face was turning beet red!). Anywho, I managed to clean up the mess (from the walls and bench) and got him out of the dressing room. (P.S. - don't use the first dressing room on the right in the State College Target...hehehe). I ended up having to change his diaper *again* about 10 minutes later. I think he's all cleaned out now....

On another note, Peyton is thisclose to crawling!!!



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