Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nursery Progress...

Casey and I spent all of today trying to clear out part of our "office" for the nursery.  My bureau is now in my tiny closet (you have to turn sideways just to get into the closet now!) and my desk currently resides in our bedroom.  We are planning on moving the antique bench into our bedroom as well - we'll have a bed, a desk, Casey's bureau, two nightstands, a trunk and two benches in our bedroom!  Amazingly, the room doesn't feel all that cramped.  

We bought a cute little bookshelf at Target today to put next to the changing table/bureau in the nursery.  The dang thing took forever to put together but it looks great!!  I'll be adding pictures soon of the progression of the nursery.   I'm still trying to convince Casey to let me paint!!!

We'll know on Wednesday whether our "it" is a boy or girl!!!

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