Saturday, January 10, 2009

Name Game...

So the name list has been revised once again (we deleted Callum, Tristan and Dylan).

We now have:


I'm thinking of letting people pay $20 to purchase a day and then if the baby is born on their chosen day, they get to name it!  


Kristin said...

I think Liam is my favorite for y'all right now. I like all of them, but Aidan was in like the top 5 boys names of 2008! Though if we had a girl, she was going to be Ava, and I think that was number 1 last year. What happened to T9C and Gonoria?

Katie said...

It was funny when I read your list of names, because it might as well be my list as well. I have a thing for Irish names.

I liked Callum but since you decided against that one, my vote goes for either Liam or Elijah. Not that my vote matters since it's not my kid....but it's still fun!

Lauren Harris said...

Yeah...I liked Callum too, but I decided that I didn't really want it to be shortened to "Cal" (which inevitably it would be).

Mums said...

anybody like Fintan, it means fair hero..ok I'm outa here