Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mooooore photos!

We went to the County Fair last week and had a lots of fun (it was a total rip-off but we still had fun!). Peyton chose to go on the mini roller-coaster for his first ride. Big mistake. He HATED it. He did pretty well and didn't cry but he kept asking if he could get off. He rode the carousel next and had a lot of fun on it. He rode a mini train ride a few times and then went back to the carousel again. I really wanted him to ride the ferris wheel, but he refused! He wanted to ride the bumper cars but he wasn't tall enough, unfortunately.

Finley has started rolling from his back to his tummy this past week! Yay! He is also doing really well in the crib at night but still refuses to nap in it. Peyton slept in his bed without his pull-up diapers last night for the first time and didn't have an accident! Woo hoo!! TA1C9343








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Emily M. said...

Wow--sounds like Peyton is doing better in the overnight potty training department than Tommy! Cute pictures, as always!