Friday, January 20, 2012

Potty training and the art of bribery....

We "started" potty training this past Sunday and let me tell you, it is a blast (sarcasm!). We are definitely taking it slow at this point and letting Peyton guide the process (so we don't frustrate him....). On Sunday, we got him to start sitting on the potty.....fully clothed. Peyton requires one skittle just to sit on the potty with his clothes on.

We did a few days of sitting on the potty fully clothed and then today we progressed to sitting on the potty with his pants down (but still diapered). He requires 2 skittles to do this. At this rate, he will pee on the potty when he is 14.

Time for some photos (had to bribe him with skittles just to take pictures of him!)







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