Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What we've been up to....

Seems like I rarely update the blog these days - probably b/c the little guy keeps me soooo busy! It has been insanely hot here lately so we haven't been able to play outside much, which means we have to get creative! Most days, you can find us either at Barnes & Noble (reading books & playing with their train set) or at Boingo Bounce (an entire warehouse filled with inflatables!).


-Peyton now sleeps in a "big boy bed"! We took the rails off of his crib and things are actually going pretty well. He sleeps well at night (doesn't get out until we come into his room in the morning) but naps have been a little difficult. I think because his room is so light during the day, he has problems staying in his bed when all of his toys are laying around.

-Still the pickiest eater. Ever.

-Talks nonstop now. He still intersperses a ton of gibberish with real words but at least he's trying!

-Loves to hug (everyone). He hugged a little girl at Boingo Bounce today. He closes his eyes and tilts his head while walking towards you with his arms wide open.

-He is a watermelon freak!

-He has been slowly learning how to use his "bike". It is a mini sized bike without pedals that is supposed to teach kids how to balance. He should be able to go straight from this to a regular bike and skip training wheels.

-Fascinated with the whole "potty" business. He wants to watch you use the toilet so he can figure out what's going on. He likes to flush the toilet and also enjoys pointing to your crotch in public and yelling "poo-poos and pee-pees".



His "bike"


Peyton "enjoying" my Mac & Cheese (homestyle).

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