Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still can't believe he's 2...

A random list of facts about Peyton:

-likes to say "Mmmmm, juicy" after drinking (juice, milk, river water, you name it)
-has created his own personal "fart position" & has figured out how to fart on purpose
-loves to read books (in gibberish), remembers certain parts of books and repeats them while he reads to himself (in one book, the mouse says "Oh no", so he says "Oh no" everytime he flips the page)
-currently obsessed with the movie "Shrek" (he calls it "Shek")
-has crazy seasonal allergies
-has an obsession with brushing his teeth. Any time you walk into the bathroom, he takes his finger and mimes brushing his teeth until you give him his toothbrush ("toothy")
-thinks iPads are only for playing Angry Birds and watching Netflix (he can even say iPad!)
-runs through the house so fast he frequently runs into walls as he rounds the corners
-has taken to running off in stores (and he's so fast you don't even notice until he's gone!)


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