Sunday, April 17, 2011

So many new things!

Oh my word, so much has happened since my last update! Casey defended his dissertation and became "Dr. Harris" (although, I caution you not to let him perform surgery on you no matter how charming he is), we bought a house (I'll upload photos this week), and Peyton scraped, bruised and cut his legs up to the point where I'm sure someone is going to call CPS on my butt.

This weekend, we attended the Higgs family reunion in the hill country. We had a great time getting to visit with family (some of whom we haven't seen in a long while!) and Peyton had an awesome time running around to his heart's content. He ran from the time he woke up (at about 7:30 AM) until 7:30 PM without stopping. He even ate his meals while on the run. He had such a fun time running around with his cousin Kamryn and playing with all of my cousins and aunts & uncles. That little booger had attention lavished upon him......

Here are some photos from Texas over the past few weeks. I'll definitely try to get those house pics and family reunion pics uploaded this week!








Emily M. said...

haha, I can totally see the running nonstop all day...did he sleep well for you that night? =)

Lauren H said...

He certainly did not sleep well! Darn those "pack 'n Play" cribs!!