Friday, February 11, 2011

20 months

Alright, I intended to upload some videos of Peyton but apparently my Flip Video has gone kaput. :(

Today, Peyton and I went to an indoor playgroup at a local church so we could play in their bouncy castle and their inflatable obstacle course!! Peyton had so much fun going through the obstacle course (although I have to go with him). He climbed through a hole, between two horizontal cylinders (you have to squeeze through), up the "mountain", slid down the other side, squeezed through another set of cylinders and then went through the inflatable poles and out the exit. He had so much fun!!! He also had a great time running around and jumping in the bouncy castle. Too fun.

He still isn't talking too much but he's adding words every now and then. He says "cracker" now (sounds like "craaaaaaaaa core"). He's starting to become more independent at playgroup and doesn't have to be able to see me all the time. He is becoming a little more interactive with other kids, although he typically ignores them for the most part.




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