Wednesday, January 12, 2011

19 months! (A belated post)

Peyton has been 19 months for 10 days now, so this post is a little overdue. He isn't due back into the doctor until he is 2, so no update on stats for a little bit!

Things he loves:
- his "baby" (although he did throw baby in the toilet yesterday. Whoops!)
- his dogs (he does love to torture Anouk by chasing her around and "growling" at her)
- "Yo Gabba Gabba" and Veggie Tales
- books. He is bringing books to us more often now to read and is actually paying attention for the most part!
- trains. He is obsessed with trains!!
- grapes, chicken nuggets, any type of veggie.
- playgrounds. I wish it wasn't snowing all the time here! We have been going to the "indoor playground" at a church though.
- his kitchen. Best. Present. Ever.
- cuddling. P is going through a serious cuddling/hugging/kissing phase....and I love it!
- blowing kisses.
- waving and saying "buh-bye" to everyone and everything.

He is starting to talk a lot more, although most of it is still gibberish. He now says cookie, choo-choo (for trains), door (says this a ton), "Nana" (his grandma Harris), cool, and today he said "hat".


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Anonymous said...

he says "blocks" too! because hes super smart :)

--aunt melissa