Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blog neglect.

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. Sorry, grandparents! Peyton turned 18 MONTHS OLD two days ago! I can hardly believe it! He is turning into such a little man.

Here are some things he's doing lately:

-Dancing!! He LOOOOOVES to dance and cannot resist shaking his groove thang.

-Talking a little bit more. Today he said "Buh-bye dadda" when Casey left. He says: dadda, momma, dog, door, truck, stuck, no, don't, hot, and some other ones I can't think of right now....

-Kisses. He loves giving kisses (on the lips) now.

-Cuddles. He absolutely loves to cuddle on our bed in the morning. He snuggles up with you and makes an "awwwww" sound. He loves to hug us as well as the dogs.

-Uses a spoon (sometimes a fork). He is still super messy with utensils but we're working on it!

-He's a complete troublemaker! You can't turn your back on him for even a second now. He likes to put stuff in the trash can (and take stuff out), turn off power strips, smack the dogs, pull all of the tissues out of the box, open cabinets and drawers and pull everything out, etc.

There are lots more things but I can't think of them all right now because of a persistent headache!! While we were in Texas, Peyton entertained a lot of people! At my grandfather's house, we had put a tray of cookies on the counter above the dishwasher. My mother asked me if Peyton could have a cookie and I told her that he could not. I left the kitchen and a minute or so later my mother called me back in. Peyton had opened the dishwasher and climbed up on it so he could reach the cookies. He grabbed a cookie and took a bite but put it back when he saw me rounding the corner. Rascal!







Peyton has his 18 month appointment this next week, so I will update you with his stats after that!

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