Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a week!

Casey left this week for an interview at Purdue (which went well), but while he was gone I had a heck of a time! Peyton had a temperature of 102.4 on Tuesday night, so I made an appt. for him with the Pediatrician on Wednesday morning. At the appt., they diagnosed him as having an ear infection in both ears and prescribed Amoxicillin. Wednesday evening, Peyton's fever shot back up and I went in to check on him at about 10 PM. He was breathing very fast and very shallow so I took him out of his crib and checked his temperature (103 degrees). He was super lethargic and hard to awaken so I made the decision to take him to the ER. We got to the ER about 10:30 or so and were quickly ushered into a room. They put Peanut on oxygen (his oxygen levels were in the 70's range and they said they like it to be around 100) and he started to breathe more regularly. All of the commotion was freaking the little peanut out though so he began to cry and hyperventilate which lead him to throw up several times (on me, of course). They took blood and set him up with IV fluids (they had to strap his arm down to a board to keep him from bending his arm or pulling his IV port out). I laid down on the gurney so that he could lay on top of me and hopefully relax. He had a chest X-ray taken (he had to sit in this little chair while I held his arms up) and then we went back to our "room".

Anywho, Peanut was diagnosed with pneumonia and given an antibiotic through his IV (he slept for 20 minutes at some point in between all of the crying). We were sent home at 2:30 AM and the Peanut went back to sleep. It was quite the rollercoaster of a week!!!

We went back to the Pediatrician on Thursday and got a prescription for a new antibiotic. He spent the whole entire day in my lap or on the couch on Thursday (poor little guy felt so puny). He's definitely regaining his energy and is returning to his happy little self.

He's been rocking some crazy hair lately!



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Sarah said...

So sad to read this story. I bet you were a nervous wreck. I'm so glad he is doing better! Sweet little man! :)