Saturday, August 28, 2010

Texas and Tennessee.

Peyton and I had a great time in Texas visiting with family and avoiding the heat (I think the heat index was in the 100 plus range the whole time we were there!). We swam at the YMCA pool (the one in the Woodlands is so nice!) He had a great time splashing around in the dancing fountains and walking around in the shallow end. We also went swimming at my Aunt Milli's pool - that boy loves the water! He somehow managed to turn their hot tub on and their waterfall off. Very tricky.

We went to the new Children's Museum in the Woodlands a few times (and didn't get rotovirus!). It really makes me want to live somewhere with a Children's Museum! He has so much fun running around in them. He loves to play with the firetruck (probably his favorite thing) and play in the "grocery store". I have to watch him when he gets ahold of a grocery cart though because he runs around pretty recklessly with them! There were lots of moms with bruised ankles that day, I'm sure.

We got to eat out a lot (which is always a treat) - which I'm sure lead to my weight gain (boooo....). We did some shopping (I was good!) and just had a great time all around!

At the end of our trip, we headed to Chatanooga, TN for the wedding of a family friend. We spend 3 days exploring the wonderful city! I loved it there! They have a great Children's Museum, Aquarium and a great downtown (plus a great cupcake shop ---> weight gain!) The flight back to PA was a little harder than the flight to Houston because P was a little squirmy and rambunctious. It is getting harder and harder to fly with him on my lap!!!!

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