Saturday, March 20, 2010

Children's Museum

On Friday, March 5th, we headed over to the Children's Museum so that Peyton and Kamryn could play and get all of their energy out. We had a great time exploring "Kidtropolis" - which is a kid-sized city that includes a bank (where you can pick up an ATM card and add "cash" to it), a grocery store (with working registers), a bike shop, diner, Vet hospital, ambulance, news station, polling place (where you can watch candidates' videos) and an art studio. They have done a great job with the re-model!! I wish the children's museum had been that cool when I was little! They also had a great structure to climb around in (which Ashley and I took advantage of) and an outdoor water area. We took Peyton up to the "TotSpot" (a room for 2 and under) to crawl over bridges, slide down slides and all sorts of other fun stuff for babies!

Please excuse the graininess of the photos and poor lighting - I forgot to check the batteries in the flash before we left!

Kam getting her grocery shopping done.

P checking out the produce.


Driving a car in the Tots room.

Playing with the spinning flowers.

Crawling through the tunnel.



...and *that* is how you get rotavirus! That's right, Peyton, Cody and Kamryn all came down with rotavirus the next night. It was awful watching my little baby suffer through something like that. Peyton later spread it to his Aunt Melissa and both of his paternal grandparents. Tonya ended up getting it later from Cody and Kamryn. That virus spreads like wildfire!!!

P fell in a hole.

My musical prodigy.

Snack time in the cafeteria.

Exhausted on the ride home.

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