Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo project... the "hats" project isn't working out how I wanted to. I think I need to go back to a black background. Blerg. I can't seem to get a "true white" background without a ton of editing. I'm going to re-attempt this tomorrow!

Anywho, not much to report on the Peyton front. We think he might be cutting his first tooth (he's drooling a lot and shoves everything that he can into his mouth). We've been trying to be good about giving him ample tummy time (he can hold his head up pretty high but still hasn't figured out how to prop himself up on his arms). He pretty much prefers to be standing or sitting now and gets a little grumpy when you try to lay him down. He's still laughing up a storm and smiling every chance he gets. He's had a few nights of not waking up at all but he isn't completely consistent yet. We're just thankful for those few nights!

He has his 4 month check-up next Friday....I can't even begin to guess what he weighs now!!

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